Deborah Jenkins

Baby namings are usually non religious, but may reflect the diverse religious backgrounds of the parents if required. The child is being named as a celebration of his or her birth, surrounded by family and friends.

Deborah's ceremonies reflect such values as honesty, integrity, tolerance, concern, fairness and love towards their fellow human beings. It is for the child to decide for themselves when they are old enough on any future religious or non religious commitments of belief.

Your child will receive a certificate as a memento of the day, as do the godparents or guardians.

Deborah can help you with suggestions for all aspects of your baby's ceremony including poems, readings, photography, music, venues...


We would like to thank you greatly for your service as our Celebrant for the naming of our baby.

The ceremony was simply beautiful thanks to your style and grace and will remain a fond memory of ours forever.